How a felon almost remained a Senator

It would seem truly amazing that Ted Stevens (R-AK) could actually be re-elected (BTW, I love that his campaign manager says that it’s essentially”mathematically impossible for him to lose”).  Yet this is the same state that elected Sarah Palin as Governor.  As much flak as John McCain received for picking her as his VP, what does it say about the state of Alaska that they made her their Governor?

It now appears that Stevens may lose by little more than 1000 votes, which will of course start accusations of voter fraud.  The state of Alaska has the potential to a)pay for the cost of recounting the votes or b)pay for a new election if Stevens is elected and then thrown out of office.  The latter would be the preference for Sarah Palin as this would afford her the opportunity to appoint herself as the interim Senator and then for her to run for the vacated seat.  Alaskans would undoubtedly vote for her, paving the way for her to make a name (sic) for herself in the Senate.

….further signs of TDOA

Tim Geithner for Treasury Secretary? Sounds like a great idea, so I’m sure it’ll be doomed by the Republicans. (via The Daily Beast)

Amazing but true: Hannity and Limbaugh are blaming the current economic situation on Obama

Send money to Detroit?! Only if the Ford’s sell the Lions first.  Deal?

LeBron James losing a game of HORSE to some guy.

Who is Barack Obama? Well, this guy is one of his advisors.  Why is John Rogers qualified?  This is good enough for me.

Only now would people actually be interested in a new Beatles song that sounds like this.

Certainly American Idol is a sign of TDOA.  Here’s the audition tape of the lady that killed herself on Paula Abdul’s doorstep.

The bad news is that CPC Gangbangs (#9 on our 2007 album of the year list) broke up.  Good news?  it hugs back


~ by toddc2001 on November 17, 2008.

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