Hillary Clinton will not be the SOS….or the Great Diversion theory

As of this morning, Bill Clinton has announced that he will release the financial records of his charitable foundation as part of the vetting process for his wife to become Secretary of State.  However, all signs seem to indicate that Barack Obama has not intention of nominating Ms. Clinton for this position.

The majority of Americans have spent the last eight years knowing that they are smarter than out President.  During the Clinton administration, Bill belied his Rhodes scholar background by exuding a “golly gee” southern hominess that made everyone feel like they were, at least as smart as he was.  With Barack Obama, we are watching a man who is clearly smarter than the majority of us.  Why then, would he nominate someone who has the potential to be such a political liability?  The vetting process will be painful and will be followed by a confirmation hearing that will give Republicans (who are still licking their wounds)an opportunity to rehash the entire Clinton administration.  If she makes it through all this, Obama then has live the rollercoaster of wondering if he can keep Hillary and Bill on the same page with each other, let alone the Obama agenda.  At a time when the president-elect really does have a great deal of political capital, it would appear to be a horrible misstep.  Or is it?

During the campaign, the Obama campaign was heralded for their ability to prevent leaks to the media.  Since the election however, there have been enough leaks that Obama has acknowledged that there is an issue.  Now that his staff is gradually growing, the potential for leaks increases and so the transition team needed to come up with a strategy to stem the tide.  Floating Hillary’s name as a potential SOS, has certainly done the job of occupying the media and has created The Great Diversion.

The Great Diversion seems to be a coordinated effort within the campaign to reach out to all elements of the media.  Conservative media has been noting (with glee) the New York Times investigation into Bill Clinton’s financial records.  The Times reputation as a liberal media source makes them an odd candidate to run a story like this which contains no new facts.  MSNBC, CNN and Fox have all considered everything have to do with the potential nomination “Breaking News”.  The whole Clinton affair has dominated the news so much that the nomination of Eric Holder as Attorney General has barely registered a blip.  Amazingly, nobody has questioned why there have been no further leaks since the mother of all leaks.  Clearly, this has been an orchestrated attempt by the Obama transition team to turn all of the media focus on the Clinton’s.  If Ms. Clinton survives the vetting process (doubtful), Obama wins because he gets a brilliant, talented Secretary of State and the media has been thrown of the track by following the Clinton sage rather than seeking more leaks.  If the media is successful in savaging the Clinton legacy and she doesn’t survive the nomination process, Obama still wins because he’ll be able to choose from a large pool of capable candidates.  And the Great Diversion has still succeeded.

Other signs of TDOA:

Fantastic op-ed from the great Dick Cavett on Sarah Palin. (via New York Times)

..and I thought I was just getting old.  Affliction is the worst clothing line ever.

The Apple discussion thread as evidence in a divorce case.  Worst.

Most underrated band ever, that hadn’t reformed….til now


~ by toddc2001 on November 19, 2008.

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