We can’t escape the Nixon administration

The latest spin by the right-wing media is that Obama is nominating people who have ties to the Clinton administration.  While the initial reaction is to dismiss this as irrelevent, as it assumes that having ties to the Clinton administration is bad.  However what becomes obvious is that politics breads politics.  Republicans controlled the Presidency through most of the 70’s and 80’s (Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr.).   At the time of his election, Democrats criticized Bush for tapping former Nixon cabinet members Cheney and Rumsfeld and numerous former Reagan appointees.  Clearly it makes more sense to judge these appointees based on their skills, rather than their lineage.

More signs of TDOA

Scientologists (sp?!) are good with swords. Tom Cruise was in The Last Samurai.  Coincidence?

Xmas came early!  Coulter is a primary cause of TDOA!

Great article on the JFK assassination. (via Vanity Fair)

…and on how the New York Times covered Iraq (via Vanity Fair. Still the best magazine.

Travis Barker was in a dumb band and says stupid things.  He’s suing everyone from the manufacturer of the plane he crashed in to Goodyear Tire who made the….tires.  His rationale? “If something goes wrong that’s not supposed to go wrong or you fall victim of it,” he adds, “I think you should be compensated.”  Based on this reasoning, George W. Bush, Fannie Mae and the Detroit Lions owe me a lot of money.

Google is still the coolest.  I’ve got to get this.

George Bush continues to commit crimes, but nobody notices.

The Yankee Clipper killed JFK.  I’m in.  Far more interesting that believing Oswald did it.

Patrick Roy’s other son is also a cheap shot jerk.  Although it’s not as bad as the older son…


~ by toddc2001 on November 25, 2008.

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