I’m Back!

American Idol originally inspired the concept of TDOA due to its inexplicable popularity.  It’s demise is something that I can only hope is really happening. (Idolator)

But then one of the worst bands ever reforms….

I admit it: I thought the last Britney album was good and she deserved the VMA’s she got.  New album is a little eh, but I love watching a trainwreck before it happens.

I remember Fred HIckman when he was a sports anchor in Detroit and I enjoyed him on YES.  Thus, this story is really interesting to me.

John Kruk on Baseball Tonight is a must watch.

Awesome touchdown run.  I’ve watched it 10 times and his knee never touches the ground. …and I’m not sure I have the dexterity to tie my shoes consistently….

Laugh all you want, this song was huge on MTV and a big hit when it came out.  People who laugh at this are the same one’s who think Katy Perry is clever.

Hunters are smart and stuff.

Worst jobs, best pay (Business Week)

So Michael Phelps was on 60 Minutes?  And he’s a hero because of all those gold medals?  Um, no…..he’s a scumbag. Look here, here, here.  Even Amanda Beard is grossed out by him.

Even Donald Trump is struggling.  I feel better now.


~ by toddc2001 on December 2, 2008.

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