Crazy x-ray photos!

Sean Avery moments courtesty of ESPN

The George Bush Legacy Revision Tour needs to be watched to be believed.  Important to read so that you can intelligently converse with your co-workers who listen to Sean Hannity.  Wait, did I just use intelligently and Sean Hannity in the same sentence?  My bad….

The people who are so stupid they can’t spell “Britney Spears” are the same people who voted for George Bush in 2004.  Makes sense. (via Gelflog)

Even CNN realizes that Guns N’ Roses is a joke.

This is an old video, but it seems funnier every day.  Did I see the CEO of GM in there?

Oil to drop to $25 per barrel?!  Sounds like a good time to get out of the oil and gas business and move back to Michigan.


~ by toddc2001 on December 5, 2008.

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