Coldplay Hits Rock Bottom

Coldplay used to be one of my favorite bands.  When The Verve broke up, the British music media hailed them as the heir apparent.  Their shoegazy “Parachutes” spawned the “eee, Coldplay!” hit “Yellow”, but the entire record is truly brilliant.  With each proceeding album, they’ve become more derivitive and boring.  But….you know you’ve hit rock bottom when you get sued by 80’s metal guitarist Joe Satriani for plagarism.  There’s certainly no denying the similarities between the two guitar riffs.  More importantly, it speaks to their lack of musical creativity.  Radiohead is able to sell millions of records, but clearly haven’t run out of ideas and felt the need to start ripping off other artists.  I doubt that Radiohead is going to get sued by Sheila E. for ripping off drum patterns.


~ by toddc2001 on December 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Coldplay Hits Rock Bottom”

  1. Whoever wrote the above should be shot- Joe Satriani is quite clearly not a metal guitarist and being sued by him does equal rock bottom. Joe is not only one of the greatest guitarists ever (no, don’t argue) but he is also a completely inspirational and honest artist who changes lives with his music. And I also love Coldplay.

    • I have two questions: 1) Is your comment an April Fools Joke (if so, good one!) 2) If not….You’re a fan of Joe Satriani and Coldplay? How did you end up here (I mean at this site, not the metaphysical “crappy musical taste” here)?

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