Random stupidity

Greatest SportsCenter highlight ever…

Tremendous article from next month’s Vanity Fair detailing the idiocy of the Bush administration (via Vanity Fair).  Condoleezza Rice has been mercifully quiet since the election other than the well thought-thru,  “I’m proud a black man won” statement.  Unfortunately, everyone in the administration is apparently being forced at gunpoint to go on the Sunday news shows and try and rewrite history.  This morning was Condy’s turn and she showed why she’ll never serve as an elected official again (although Rush and Hannity used to love the idea of her for President until the turkey killer came along).  Nice recap of her appearance on CBS’s Sunday Morning here where she using Bushian logic to announce that historians that rate Bush as the worst President ever, “aren’t very good historians”.  Right….

More discussion of the RNC Chairman to be Chip Saltsman’s xmas cd mix which included the song “Barack, the magic negro”.  Washington Post article on Sunday tells us that it’s the media’s fault for making too big a deal about the story.  Meanwhile, Saltsman apologizes and says that it was a joke.  If it was a joke, why are you apologizing.  Lost in all this is that Rush Limbaugh has been playing this song since 2007. (via The Nation)  Good work everyone! Way to reinforce your stereotype of racial discrimination and ignorance.


~ by toddc2001 on December 29, 2008.

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