AI Makes You Dumber

The enduring success of American Idol is certainly one of the primary indicators of The Dumbing of America.  Essentially the show is Star Search with less Ed McMahon and better production values.  Because of it’s high ratings, there has been a deluge of like-minded shows trying to cash in on the stupidity of Americans.  Dancing With The Stars (seriously.  you want to watch washed up celebrities do ballroom dancing?), America’s Got Talent (actually, not at all!), etc. are so bad that they make AI look good.  The success of the show seems like the ultimate contadiction to me.  Today we will examine possible reasons for the success of the show.

1) People want to see new talent rise from obscurity to fame. FALSE.   Then why the continued fascination with reunion tours and old artists instead of searching out new, talented bands on places like MySpace?  Why is the Elton John/Billy Joel tour already generating more revenue than any tour in years?  Because people want to listen to music they know.  They don’t want to be challenged.  Listen to the Top 40 and you’ll hear: the ballad, the hip-hop song and the pseudo-“we rock” band (ie, Nickelback releasing the same song with a different title).  Then why want to listen to new music on AI?

2) People enjoy the soap opera aspect of the show.  FALSE. At least a show like Gossip Girl has a story line that continues for a full hour.  AI is the ultimate soap opera for stupid people: 12 characters.  They only give you a story line on one or two each night and only spend about 5 minutes on it.  There’s no interaction (which is also known as character development) between the contestants beyond cheering for or against each other.  They ditch one character each show, so that your little brain doesn’t have to remember too many names.  Certainly the appeal of getting to vote on who to get rid of draws people in.  But people are basing their votes on five to ten minutes of viewing time on an individual contestant.  Which is probably the attention span of the average AI viewer.  Hey, why spend a year learning about the election when you can spend one hour watching AI and casting a vote that really makes a difference!  My head hurts….

3) People enjoy the singing and performances of these talented contestants.  America Is Dumb…

Let’s drive some traffic to this website shall we? (via TMZ)  Shockingly, “Bikini Girl” is a skank in real life too.  Check out her video portfolio.  BTW, I have no idea who “Bikini Girl” is.  I don’t watch AI.  I just report on it.  I’m today proclaiming that I will do the best reviews of the show on the net and yet, not watch a minute of the entire season.  Need to keep my remaining brain cells intact ya’ know….

Random TDOA:

Ohmygod!  Boy George must weigh 500 lbs. (via WWTDD)

Great hockey fight.  Goalies dropping the gloves, players coming off the bench, the coaches going at it.


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