Random DOA

Some people like to send ALOT of text messages…. (via Gizmodo)

Looking for a VHS copy of Man On The Moon?  It’ll cost you $102 if you get it on Amazon.com.  Who’s Andy Kaufman?  Shame on you.  One of the greatest comedians of all-time.  If you ever watched re-runs of Taxi, he was much funnier doing his performances than on sitcoms.  Here are two clips that give you a good idea.

MySpace seems to care more about music than Facebook.  Disappointing and perhaps kills my prediction that MySpace will be gone by the end of 2010.  via (TechCrunch)

Review of AI Night 2!  On this evening episode, there were a lot of people who wanted to audition.  Some of them were pretty, some of them were weird, some of them were bad singers….correction, most of them were bad singers.  Ryan Seacrest gave lots of knowing looks at the camera.  Simon Cowell raised his eyebrows alot and leaned back in his seat alot.  The other guy (what’s his name?)  called lots of people “dog”.  Lots of Americans picked out people and said “oooh, I want that person to win.  I’m going to write down their name on the back of this (insert one of the following: klondike wrapper, bowl of Coppenhagen, unemployment check envelope, shutoff notice envelope, vicodin perscription) so I can remember their name and vote for them!”

How close was I?  ….and oh by the way.  Casey Carlson is going to win.  You heard it here first.


~ by toddc2001 on January 15, 2009.

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