Say thank you to GW!

Someone sent me a link to a website that’s been organized to thank George Bush for his years of service to our country.  There’s lot’s of funny stuff on the page.

After eight years of being President, they could only come up with 79 words (I counted) to summarize his accomplishments.  People I barely know could come up with more than 79 words of my accomplishments from just last year and I wasn’t the leader of the “greatest nation in the free world”!

The headline on website is “Mission Accomplished” invoking the phrase Bush used to proclaim the war in Iraq was over on May 1, 2003.  Here’s a great link from CNN which quotes the Navy and the White House acknowledging that it was the White House’s idea to put up the banner and make the speech.  I mention this, because your average Republican will tell you that someone put that banner up on their own and Bush had nothing to do with it.

The next headline on the website says, “Domestic Security Since 2001!”.  Actually that would be since September 12th, 2001, but I hate to quibble.  I guess we aren’t holding him responsible for being in office for eight months before the greatest domestic security breach in our countrys’ history(and maybe in modern history).  Nor are we holding him responsible for hiring the heads of the FBI and CIA who all ignored the warnings of the impending attack.  Apparently the 7 year respite from domestic attacks is the greatest accomplishment in his two terms as President.  Hooray, nobody else killed people on our own soil.  I hope they did a website for Tony Blair, Taro Aso (Prime Minister of Japan) and any other country that didn’t have a major terrorist attack.

The rest of the text is as follows (our comments are in red and in parantheses):

Dear President (actually, it’s former President.) Bush,

We all (please note the italicization, implying that those pinko, socialist liberals have probably forgotten) promised not to forget 9.11 (because we had to promise.  Otherwise we might have forgotten.  Idiots.)  During trying and difficult times, (thanks to)you, nevertheless, (did anybody proof that website?  Sure seems like they’re using to many commas...) remained a beacon for that promise. (In other words, you’re to blame and you reminded us of it frequently.)  We thank you for remembering  that (gosh, that’s so cool that you didn’t forget about 9.11.  I mean, we know you were busy and stuff, so…like…thanks!), (another comma) as Commander In Chief, (comma) the President’s Number One Mission (the n, o and m shouldn’t be capitalized there) is to protect our nation. (I think the implication is that they think he protected our nation because there haven’t been any more “domestic” attacks.  We’ll skip the part about his own Secretary of Defense declaring the country more vulnerable than ever in it’s history.  Sorry, nitpicking).  All the freedoms (like the freedom from unwarranted wiretaps?) and opportunities (we all had the opportunity to invest in Halibuton just like Mr. Cheney!) we enjoy as Americans ultimately depend on that security.  As you leave office, it seems appropriate- and warranted (Dear writer of this tribute to Bush: Ok seriously?!  You know warrantless wiretaps is a hot button now. Or don’t they talk about that on Hannity or Limbaugh?  I would have chosed a less inflamatory word, like “deserved”.  It’d be a bold-faced lie, but isn’t this entire tribute a little delusional? )- to remember (because we almost forgot that nothing’s blown up recently) and thank you for affording us security (ie; doing at least one part of your job) for so many years (Seven years and 3 1/2 months if you’re counting).

The website then gives you a little button to push (nothing too complicated, senior citizens get confused easily) to say thank you.

We’re not going to talk about the wiretapping of media officials, the violation of the Geneva Convention (because we’re not really sure what it is and we’re sure it didn’t mean the United States couldn’t torture people) and( god-forbid) we’re not going to talk about the state of the economy, how your “war on terror” created a budget deficit (that went from a surplus to 1.2 trillion dollars) that crippled the banking system and plunged us into a recession.

The obvious question is, who is behind this work of dementia?  Ta dah!

Müllerhaus Communications Group
International Tower
5200 South Yale Avenue
No. 501
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135

Douglas Miller. Principal

We here at TDOA suggest you email, call or write them to tell them your feelings about the Bush legacy.  Tell them about the sons you lost or who were hurt during the “war on terror”.  Tell them about your financial situation.  Tell them about your 401K.  Tell them how it feels to have Rush Limbaugh say that he hopes Obama fails so that the country can fall into an even greater depression.  Tell them that if they’re going to post websites like this, they need to be prepared to defend the worst president in the history of the country.

Let’s see if we can get more people to respond to their website than people who click “Thank You” for George Bush.


~ by toddc2001 on January 28, 2009.

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