American Idol Recap

Shocking development!  AMERICAN IDOL IS STILL ON THE AIR!  Ratings are the worst since the show started.  The shows still sucks.  Since the premise of this blog is that American Idol contributes to the dumbing of America, I took Obama’s election coupled with the drop in ratings as a good sign.

I assumed the show had been cancelled due to extreme suckiness (oh yeah, that’s a word.  It’s in the Dictonary o’ Todd).  Imagine my shock to discover that it’s still on the air!

I assume most of you already watched this, but here’s the highlight of Tuesday night.  Absolutely brilliant.

You’re welcome.  Luckily I Tivo’d it and was able to watch it over and over on Wednesday morning. Congratulations, you’re a little smarter now than you were before you started reading today’s entry.


~ by toddc2001 on January 29, 2009.

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