Blagojevich and Coldplay get “served”

Look, I love Rachel Maddow, but why did we have to wait until now for someone to do a good interview of Blagojevich?  I love that Blagojevich gets more laughs when he’s being serious than Letterman gets when he’s joking.  Nonetheless, Letterman is great here because he says what everyone has been thinking.

We’ve discussed the “suckiness” of Coldplay before.  So, we’re thrilled to here that they’re going to get served this weekend (via Huffington Post )which has a great side by side video to boot!).  Can the person in charge of this please wait and see if they win an award at the Grammy’s.  I would pay money to watch them get served on live television while excepting a Grammy for their crap album.  I remember being outraged when the Stones sued The Verve for ripping off a riff.  But I going to be a hypocrit and say that I hope Coldplay makes Joe Satriani a very rich man.  Number of Satriani albums in my collection? Zero.

Rush Limbaugh has a job, but Steve Jones is unemployed (via LA Times)?  Outfreakingrageous!

If your a fan of Paul’s Boutique, you need to read this (via Pitchfork).  Why are the Beasties the first band to figure out a way to fight piracy?  They may be my poster child for the fight against TDOA.


~ by toddc2001 on February 4, 2009.

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