Blink-182’s contribution to TDOA

Here’s the thing about music snobbery (and believe me, I’ve had the term thrown at me more than a few times).  There’s nothing wrong with making informed decisions on music.  Blink-182 chooses to reform so that they can be presenters at The Grammy’s?  Yawn.  Blink 182 is a music snobs dream.  If you look up Blink-182 on wikipedia, they’re defined as “pop-punk”.  If you ever find a greater example of an oxymoron, let me know (insert Travis joke here).  The punk rock I know from the 70’s and early 80’s was anti-establishment, anti-society and anti-mainstream.  “Pop”-ular punk was never a term used to describe The Sex Pistols (who’s Sid Vicious died 30 years ago this week.), The Germs or even more recent bands like Fugazi.  This genre of pop-punk include the wretched Fall-Out Boy, Paramore, Sum 41, Yellow Card and frankly the Jonas Brothers whose music sounds pretty close to these other bands.  If you want to like these bands, be my guest.  But don’t use the word punk.  Don’t claim that you’re punk.  Punk was never about fashion, hairstyles or piercings that were 30 years old.  Pop-punk is a lame attempt to recycle those ideas of the late 70’s and claim them to be “cutting-edge”.  Punk was about expressing rage and general disdain for what society deemed appropriate.  The Damned didn’t do reality shows about their marriages on MTV.  The rare appearances made by these bands on television, were intended to shock and disturb the very conservative culture of the 70’s.

Like this clip:

Having said all that, occasionally the music snob will make a mistake.  The best snobs will admit it and justify it.  When Pearl Jam release their first album, they were torn up by music snobs like myself.  10 came out a while after Nirvana and Soundgarden has staked their claim to grunge.  Pearl Jam wasn’t from Seattle, which was a cardinal sin for a reason that I can no longer recall.  However, 10 is a pretty wretched album and the band was a little tough to take live.  I saw them open for the Chilli Peppers and Smashing Pumpkins while they toured with 10 and the whole band wore cowboy hats and jumped into the crowd at the end of their set.  Lame.

Yet somehow, Pearl Jam became cool.  They battled Ticketmaster before it was cool to hate Ticketmaster.  They championed vinyl when everyone else was buying cd’s (spin the black circle is still one of my favorite songs).  And Eddie Vedder, somehow became cool.  Despite his fame and fortune, he avoided becoming Bono.  Despite their age, they still manage to make raucous music and don’t seem to care that they don’t sell many albums as they used to.

Given all that, here’s one of the best YouTube videos ever.  Eddie Vedder… At the Cubs fantasy camp… hanging out at a Best Western hotel bar in Arizona….singing karaoke….U2’s “Where the streets have no name”.  So good.

Don’t watch the Grammys just to see Blink 182.  I’m warning you!  Dumber….

Don’t worry, about missing seeing Coldplay served with their plagarism lawsuit papers.  If it happens, I’ll have it here on Monday.



~ by toddc2001 on February 6, 2009.

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