Grammy Recap

If I seem a little sluggish this morning, it’s due to the amount of brain cells I lost while watching the Grammy’s last night.  I could have heeded by own warning, but since the traffic at our little website has been MEGA lately, I felt obligated to watch and report my findings.  Ugh!

Coldplay were a big disappointment because of their failure to get served for their pending plagiarism suit with Joe Satriani.  Satriani was cheering for Coldplay (via since he….well…wrote the main riff of the song!  They won too many awards.  They made even Paul McCartney uncomfortable by talking to him while they were onstage accepting awards.  They made the worst Beatles self-reference since every Noel Gallagher interview by claiming to look like the cover of Sgt. Peppers (nice job referencing the worst Beatles album guys).  The duet with Jay-Z was wretched and I couldn’t help but wonder why nobody from the Grammy’s thought to insist that Jay-Z recreate Jaydiohead by having him duet with Radiohead.  Not surprising that the Grammy’s organziers didn’t produce the one duet that would have made sense.

The only highlight of the entire ceremony was Adele making a joke at the Jonas Brothers expense (I’ll try and find the video of this later in the day.).  The Jonas Brothers dared to take the stage with the great Stevie Wonder and act like they belonged there.  Shameful.

Miley Cyrus and some other teenager sang a song together ( I won’t post the video of this.  Find it yourself if you’re in need a self-inflicted lobotomy).  Miley seems to think that the only requirement to sing is to expel every ounce of air from your lungs.  She really should consider singing in a punk rock band.  Nobody would care that hold a note and they’d love that she can sing loudly.  Just a thought…

Let’s recap Kid Rock for a minute.  If there aren’t headlines everywhere admonishing him for his “guilty of being white” line, shame on everyone.  This guy started his career saying bawwitabawwitachittychittybangbang (or something like that) which was supposed to be rock.  When people stopped buying that concept he went to Country (or whatever it that Sheryl Crow thing was).  Now he starts his first of three (??!!! Radiohead only gets to play one song, but Kid f-ing Rock gets three??!!) with what I guess I would call a gospel song.  With Bush out of office, we may need to put Kid Rock in our website description.

Radiohead clearly provided the only good performance of the evening.  That sound you heard, was the sound of Fleetwood Mac jumping off a cliff.  The rumored collaboration with the USC Marching Band really happened and it really was orignial, not forced, brilliant, powerful and beautiful.

One final word about this Robert Plant thing.  Those of you who didn’t understand why Plant isn’t on board for the Led Zepplin reunion should be a little clearer now.  He’s busy making crap records that win oodles of Grammy’s and don’t require him to raise his voice above a whisper.  By the way, how about Ian Astbury for that role so that he can say he sang for Led Zepplin and The Doors?  Really a shame given that he sounded great when Zepplin reformed a couple of years ago for a one-off show in London.

Bonus TDOA items!

Best goal celebration evah!

Piling on Jessica Simpson


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