SXSW preview, pt. 4- The D’s!

Two of  my all-time favorite bands are on today’s list.  Joy!  The real pleasure is that one is an unexpected addition to the line-up, the other is a band that I thought had broken up.  In addition to those two bands are several really good bands…

Dead Confederate- A band so good that I need to post two videos.

The Decemberists- If you don’t already know about the wonderfulness of The Decemberists then you probably shouldn’t be reading this website.  You’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.  Ok, I’ll be nice.  Here’s a smokin good video that gives you a taste of how they are live.

The DeBretts- Here’s my prediction.  This band will come out of SXSW with the most hype.  They’re live shows are supposed to make the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s look like a quiet tea party by comparison.  They’ve got Gordon Raphael (Strokes producer) producing for them, so you know they must be on to something.  They’re also one of those British bands that  are quite the buzz in England and clearly have hype following them from across the water.  The difference between this band and the other “hyped” bands is that these folks actually deliver.   This teaser of a video is a good indicator of what you’ll get.

BTW, I’m passing on Devo.  This definitely qualifies as a reunion that didn’t need to happen.  Learn about music.  Go see someone new that’s trying to get a break.  Just don’t waste your time watch Mark Mothersbaugh count his money in front of you.

The Division of Laura Lee- Wow!  Somehow I thought they’d broken up.  A new album in 2008 picks up right where this band left off.  Remember when everyone thought The Hives were going to be THE Swedish band for the new millenium?  Division of Laura Lee passed them long ago.  Equal parts Sonic Youth, Sebadoh and punk rock mixed together into sonic excellence.  If there is such a thing as pop punk, this is it.  If you don’t like this, go into the basement, stand in the corner and wait for the Blair Witch.

The Duke Spirit- I think I’m running out of videos to post for TDS.  If you’ve been reading us for a while you know that this is one of our favorite bands in the world.  Top album of 2008, top live band of 2008 and their first album might have been even better.  They’re slowly building momentum by appearing on late night tv and touring with just about anyone (Eagles of Death Metal?!).  Might be your last chance to see them in a smaller venue.  Either way, it’s worth seeing just to watch a band where every member contributes something vital and interesting.

Frankly, we could stop here and feel like we’ve gotten our money’s worth at SXSW.  Guess what?  22 letters and hundreds more bands coming?  Buckle up.


~ by toddc2001 on February 19, 2009.

One Response to “SXSW preview, pt. 4- The D’s!”

  1. Why do ‘The Duke Spirit’ remind me so much of “The Cult’ (at least early work by them)?

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