SXSW Preview Pt. 5- The ‘E’s!

My original intention was to go letter by letter through the list of bands playing and do a little preview of all the bands I already knew were worth checking out.  As we got a little closer, I was going to do a little list of the bands I missed the first time.  ….and then I got to the “e”s.  Ouch.  All of you E bands should be ashamed of yourself.  I almost took the day off and thought about telling all of you to read the East Hundred review again (because they ought to be in my E SXSW preview!).  The pickings were so slim, I actually went through and listened to a little something from each of the bands to try and find some content for today’s post.  I also contemplated writing a thousand word essay on why Echo and the Bunnymen are great.  Instead you get this justification for a small post.  Better luck with the F’s!

18th Dye

German band that put out some great music for Matador in the early to mid 90’s.  Great fuzzed out rock that was mistakenly ignored by people that wanted their fuzzy bands to wear flannel and be from Seattle.  Smartly the band has reformed and will release a new album Amorine Queen in May in the U.S. (um…could ya have released it before SXSW?).  It’s a great record and you can hear it at (  If nothing else, listen to Soft The Hard Way off the new album.  If My Bloody Valentine made new records and didn’t use keyboards (I’m reaching here…), this is how they might sound.

Earlimart- L.A. indie rock with similarities to Elliot Smith and Pedro The Lion.  Good stuff

Echo and the Bunnymen-  If I have to explain who they are, click here.  The only discussion here is whether you should see them at SXSW.  Are they still relevent?  Of course.  If you’re favorite band doesn’t cite them as an influence they’re either lying or they suck.

This is SXSW and the Bunnymen are playing some really small venues in Austin.  It’s worth it to go (I guarantee that the lines will be long) just to stand near Mac and Will.  Given the venue and the circumstances, it wouldn’t shock me to see them give a performance that’s really special.

Here’s the Bunnymen during their prime.


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