SXSW Preview- Pt. 6: Better G than F

Nothing in the F’s folks.  If I hear a single complaint, I’ll post 20 Fastball videos and you’ll all get a headache and your ears will bleed….and….you’ll…be…sorry.

So, let’s just move on to the G’s. K?

Gallows- Careful kiddies, you’ll hurt your ears!  First time I heard of this band, they were compared to The Bronx, Fugazi and early Black Flag.  Where do I sign up?

Girls- If you go on their MySpace page and click on “Band Website”, you get taken to a pill identification wizard website.  Nice touch.  Good little band with some good melodies.  Expect the blog bandwagon (ie; Pitchfork and Stereogum) to pull up at their house and put them in the driver seat soon.

Glasvegas- Hype alert!  Hype Hype….oooh, you better go see them or you won’t be cool.  I’m totally on the fence on this band, but I would absolutely recommend seeing them.  They’re supposed to be good live and it’s always good to check out bands like this so you can talk intelligently about them…and stuff.

Golden Bear- Quiet. Nice. Warm. Fuzzy. Good.

Gomez- Reminds me of The La’s and is horribly unappreciated.  Such terrific songwriters deserve far more love than these guys get.  I always try and give you a video, but I couldn’t find ANYTHING from Split The Difference which is my favorite.  No live performances, just a video for the single which I thought was the weakest song on the album.  So here’s a link to the album from our friends at (here!).  Listen to the first two songs and tell me this isn’t one of the best albums of this decade.

The Grates-I’m not claiming them as a work of genius, but they sure seem like a band that should be great live.  Some bands frustrate me because they can’t write an entire album of good songs.  The Grates frustrate me because they can’t write a full song.  There’s moments of brilliance on Burn Bridges, but then they do this chanting, wemightbeChumbawumba thing and I want to punch my Ipod.


~ by toddc2001 on February 21, 2009.

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