SXSW Preview Pt. 7- The “h”s

Harlem- SXSW makes an effort to include quite a few Texas bands with an emphasis on Austin.  Unfortunately, other than The New Year, Ton-Ton’s and Harlem there really isn’t a lot of talent in Texas anymore.  Harlem doesn’t get a lot of press because they share the name with two other bands and because the Harlem Shakes haven’t been shipped off to purgatory….yet.

PJ Harvey& John Parrish- I kind of lost interest in PJ Harvey after her first couple of records.  However, her live shows were always incendiary and word has it the the new record with John Parrish will go back to the raw style of her earlier records.  She’s only doing a handful of show in the U.S., which means she’ll put that much more into this appearance.  A must-see.

I’d like to like The Hold Steady.  I like old Springsteen and Craig Finn does a spot on imitation of him.  But the whole band just feels like a bad imitation.  Sorry guys.  Love to love ya, baby.


~ by toddc2001 on February 22, 2009.

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