Martin, Fey, Stiller, Jackman Cage Match

I’ve done nothing but music for almost two weeks straight.  Yet the most read item on this website today is the video I posted a month ago of Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman.  Did I mention America is not super smart?

However, I must admit that the Oscars are always a big TV event for me.  This year I didn’t have high hopes.  Didn’t “get” having Hugh Jackman as a host and the show has been steadily duller and stuffier each year.  Didn’t feel passionately about any of the nominees, even though I’d managed to watch screeners of 90% of the nominated films (I passed on Hellboy 2 and fell asleep during The Reader).

My review?  Best.  Oscars.  Ever.  If you were up on your cultural references and enjoy dry comedy, this was the show for you.  Here’s the three highlights for me.

Ben Stiller reprising Joaquin Phoenix’s Letterman appearance:

Steve Martin and Tina Fey.

You’ve got to be kidding me.  I just spent 20 minutes trying to find video of this.  America, you really are dumb.  How is it possible that nobody’s uploaded this?  I almost listed it as my fave moment of the Oscars.  If anyone finds a link, post a comment below.  Don’t fall in love with me.

UPDATE:  Got it.  Not the greatest quality, but…

Hugh Jackman opening.  I was howling during his “I didn’t see The Reader” song.  Who knew Jackman could be good?

Update #2-  It turns out Ben Stiller really did run out of ideas immediately upon completion of filming “There’s Something About Mary”.  This skit was a direct ripoff of an idea used at the Independant Spirit Awards the night before the Oscars.  Watch and be slightly depressed.  Sorry Ben.


~ by toddc2001 on February 23, 2009.

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