SXSW Preview- Pt. 10: The N’s & O’s

Part 10 of our continuing series, previewing South By Southwest.  I want to thank all of the bands that have agreed to paricipate in interviews over the next week.  Almost all of them are on current tours and have to be tired and busy.  Don’t want to list band names in case anyone flakes out on me (starts with Pains, ends with Heart), but I hope you enjoyed the Loney, Dear interview and know that just about every band we’ve listed over the past week has agreed to do some sort of interview.  Great news for you, as I really effort to ask questions that show an actual knowledge of the band and try and go places other interviews haven’t.  The comments section of this blog is a good place to list any questions you have for any of the bands you’ve seen profiled.  N’s and O’s today!

No Age- MTV2 did a story on No Age a year ago and compared them to lo-fi bands like Guided By Voices.  Here’s why I usually refrain from comparing bands as a reference point.  I know it’s helpful as a reader, but it automatically prejudices you to have certain expectations.  I loved GBV and was anxious to hear a band taking the torch and carrying on.  When I found that No Age sounded nothing like GBV, I hated them.  I also don’t like the “noise punk” reference on their band bio.  Now that I’ve given it some time, I think No Age is tremendous. They shift effortlessly from dreamy guitar psychadelia to feedback filled-Trumans’ Water-esque riffs.  Perhaps the best thing I can say about them is that they really don’t sound like anyone else.  And that might be the highest praise I can give a band.

Okketvil River- Pitchfork accurately describe OR as “emotionally devastating”.  Again with the “tags”: Alt-Country, Folk, but none acurately describe that might appear to be “mellow” at first listen.  But this is musically and emotionally “dense” music that gets better with every listen.


~ by toddc2001 on February 24, 2009.

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