SXSW Preview Pt. 9- The M’s

How ’bout that?  We’re halfway through the alphabet and only on Part 9!  Thank you for sucking Indigo Girls and others!  You’ve saved me a lot of time.

Big news is that the unofficial torrent of all the bands playing is up.  If you have time to listen to 1059 bands, go here.  Or you can just wait for me to plug my way through the whole thing and bring you the highlights.  This is my idea of fun.

Now, let ‘s continue to focus on the plethora (please use this word in a sentence today) of great bands.  Batter up, M’s

Ida Maria-  There’s certain bands that pop up on the schedule that make you do a double take and confirm that SXSW really is the best music festival in the world.  Ida Maria has the same songwriting talent and passion for her music as fellow SXSW’er PJ Harvey.  Her first album came out in the spring of 2008 and was just re-released.  Catch her now before it’s too late.

MC Lars-  I have no idea if this guy is a one-song wonder, but I’ve loved this song for a few years and would love to see him do it live.  Addresses an important TDOA theory, “Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock”.  Before you scoff, a couple of years ago I saw Skratch Bastid at SXSW based on a remix he did of a Justin Timberlake song.  Sure enough, he DJ’d an amazing set.  I expect the same from MC Lars.


Another female singer/songwriter (I better find some rawk, pretty soon.) Piano Song isn’t her “showcase” song but has a voice that would be in heavy rotation on MTV if they still played video’s.

Minipop- San Francisco dreampop, frequently compared to The Cardigan’s.  Their only album came out a couple of years ago and they appear to be waiting for a “break”.  Apparently there isn’t a market for tight bands, with great pop melodies and great vocals.  People are too busy saving up to by their Blink-182 reunion concert tickets and their Blink-182 tour merchandise (like a Blink toilet paper dispenser).

The Morning After Girls- This Australian band is frequently compared to The Dandy Warhols, which isn’t a bad thing.  They remind me more of Love Battery (Sub Pop.  Look it up.  You’ll thank me.), Swervedriver and some of the grungier shoegazing music that came out of England in the 90’s.  This is the kind of band that you’ll want to listen to at high volumes.  More please!


~ by toddc2001 on February 24, 2009.

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