SXSW Preview: Pt. 11- The P’s

Woman calls 911 when she gets bad service at Burger King.  Sorry, I just couldn’t resist adding this.

I’ve been feeling like the pickings were pretty slim lately.  Have no fear, the P’s are here!

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart- Noise Blast Guitar Pop.  Yes, these are a few of my favorite things and TPOBPAH have them all.  Do we hold a grudge because they blew off our interview questions?  No, we just cry ourselves to sleep quietly, each night.  Compared to early My Bloody Valentine, but I hear alot of C86 (hello Wikipedia!) in them.  They’ve only been around since 2006, but have already made a huge impact.  In our top 5 of the “bands to watch” at SXSW.  Three videos?!  Yep, that’s us hoping that Kip will reach out.  Hi.

Passion Pit- It was bound to happen.  We’re actually taking the time to pick on a single band and explain why we don’t like them.  Trust us, there’s plenty of god-awful bands that shouldn’t even be in this festival (Katy Perry, cough).  Passion Pit doesn’t fit in that category.  BUT, someone needs to explain this to us.  Indie radio and all the “cool kid” blogs love this kind of stuff.  They made a habit of supporting this genre of music last year and we say, enough is enough.  It sounds like the kind of music that you’re going to be embarrased to admit you liked, five years from now.  Disco-esque beat. Check.   That wacky, zany, “I’m going to run my fingers up and down my electro-piano, cause it’ll be arty” keyboards.  Check.  It sounds like you sped the vocal track up to make it sound crazy, but it just sounds….clown-like.  Check.  No vocal melodies.  Check.  No guitar melodies.  Check.  Don’t get me wrong, at least they’re not Kelly Clarkson.  I just don’t understand the fascination.  Please send your hate mail to….

Pete and the Pirates- I’m going to assume that most of you already know who they are and I’m going to post a fun live video for “Come On Feet”.  Now this is music!  Great raw guitars and the ability to shift from chaotic to beautiful in a single verse.  Most Likely To Be Radiohead In 5 Years.  yup.

Peter, Bjorn and John- Yet another great Swedish band.  If they have a showcase of every Swedish band, I’m parking myself there and calling it a day.  I can dream, can’t I?

Pink Nasty- Sara Beck is based in Austin via Kansas.  SXSW calls her pop.  Her bio calls her folk.  I call her the living, breathing reincarnation of Kim Deal and Polly Jean Harvey rolled into one.  Talented, great singer, great guitar riffs.  Too raw (in a Stooges, good kinda way) to be called pop or folk.  The best “unsigned” artist at SXSW.   A must see.  Two videos for an unsigned artist?  I’d put more on here if I could find ’em.

Port O’Brien- California band who’s also listed as “folk”.  Far too dense musically to fit in that category if you ask me.  I wondered how it’d translate live and then I watched this…  I’m in.

Primal Scream-  No need to talk about who they are.  They’ve been around forever and yet they still put on great live shows.  Yes Virginia, they’re still worth going to see.  Frankly, I think their last couple of records have been criminally ignored.


~ by toddc2001 on February 26, 2009.

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