SXSW Preview: Pt. 13- The S’s

Please keep in mind that once we’re thru the end of the alphabet, I’m going to do a couple of posts adding some bands I didn’t hit the first time.  Between getting through most of the SXSW torrent and getting hit up by some of the bands playing, I’ve found alot of great new stuff.  Intermixed, we’ve got interviews with No Age, An Horse, Gallows, Airborne Toxic Event and a bunch of great bands that just need to be edited and we’ll get them posted.  Hold please…

St. Vincent- St. Vincent is Annie Clark.  Annie Clark is Portishead doing the soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz.  Annie uses unconventional instrumentation to create a soundscape that works in the background or with your undivided attention.  A rare qualtiy that only comes from an epic talent.  SXSW says she’s from Brooklyn.  Her MySpace page says she’s from Dallas.  I say she’s from outer space and she’s come to save us all.  Best served in a crowded, smoky bar with at least one martini in your belly.

Spinto Band- Delaware’s Spinto’s interlace beautiful guitars with an energy  only surpassed by their hype.  This is the real thing: great songwriting, excellent musicians, great melodies

The Soft Pack- Magazine meet Mission of Burma.  Not a reference you hear very often, but if you know you’re music, then you know this must be something special.  They’re an LA-based band who just signed with Kemado Records.  Used to be called The Muslims, but had to change their name because….Americans are dumb.  Sorry guys, I’ve been trying to warn people but to no avail.  In the meantime, all of you need to track down The Muslims record and wait patiently for a new TSP album that will surely be on my top ten list.  In our top 5 “Must see” bands for SXSW.

Skratch Bastid-  TDOA likes this kind of stuff?  I know it’s shocking, but I heard “Jugglin Justin” (which you need to go on his myspace page and listen to.  Immediately.  I’ll wait…..), saw him at SXSW two years ago and was blown away.  Has an amazing breadth of musical knowledge, so he mixes 50’s rock, 60’s soul, 70’s rock and contemporary music and makes it self-referential.  I don’t like this type of music, but this guy is brilliant.  Find a day show, drink 3 Red Bull’s and prepare to freak out.

Skibunny- Belfast electronic remixers turned…band!  I’m sure they’ll do some DJ sets and some live, band sets.  I’m recommending the latter.  Reminds me of Fujiya & Miyagi with female vocals.   Has a kind of cool swagger to it that grabs you and shakes you, then it backs off to caress you with some great melodies.

Silversun Pickups- Do we lose credibility for liking this band?  Look, “Lazy Eye” bored a hole in my skull, crawled inside and I’ve never been able to get it out.  Smashing Pumpkins?  Yup.  But they do it well and they emulate what we liked about the Pumpkins.  Deal with it.  UPDATE:  We’ve been blown away by the number of bands that have agreed to be interviewed prior to SXSW.  From bands that have made recent appearances on Letterman, Leno and their ilk to older, legendary bands.  Almost every band we’ve asked, has found a way for us to get an interview done.  Except Silversun Pickups.  Too busy riding on their major label purchased bus.  Wow, they really are like Billy Corgan!  Disappointing, but it doesn’t change how good the music is.
As Randy from No Age said in a soon to be published interview here: “Blogs are the way that bands gain their exposure now.”  Essemtially, he argued that radio is dead and the internet is one of the only ways for bands to reach out to current or potential fans.

School of Seven Bells- Brooklyn 3-piece with Ben from Secret Machines and the Deheza twins from On!Air!Library!.  Little shoegaze, Cocteau Twins, early MBV all mixed together with a 2000’s twist.  Epic.


~ by toddc2001 on February 27, 2009.

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