Help a band!

Pop Matters wrote one of the most insightful articles I’ve read this year.  Article is here.  While preparing to write a preview of the best SXSW bands, we’ve had to look up literally hundreds of band to garner more information.  SXSW does a brief preview on, but depends on the band to supply the information.  Frequently, the band hasn’t provided an mp3 of their music (am I supposed to recommend you based on the “coolness” of your name?).  A band website is linked for each artist (usually), which is generally a myspace page.  If not, you’re in for the crap shoot described in the Pop Matters article.  However, even the MySpace page can do more harm than good for the prospective fan.  Bands seem to channel their inner 14-year old girl and overdesign the page, bringing the load time to a crawl (and the “master computer” at TDOA doesn’t get bogged down easily).  Your forced to wait several minutes before any music is going to load.  God forbid you want to watch an embedded video.

Pop Matters is dead on in their assesment.  However there is a solution.  We promote bands by discussing them in this forum.  If I can get one more person to listen to East Hundred or The Soft Pack, the world is a better place.  If you’re a web page designer or have mad-internet skillz….sorry.  Why not offer your services to a band that you like?  Worried, that they’ll be condescending and blow you off?  I’ve been at many SXSW shows during the day amongst a crowd of….4 or 5 people.  Bands need to suck it up and realize that you can’t just think about the music.  You have to make sure your band is “internet-accessible”.  More detail in the Pop Matters article.  Nice Job PM.


~ by toddc2001 on March 1, 2009.

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