SXSW Preview-Pt. 14: The V’s

X, Y and Z aren’t giving me chills.  It’s V and W and then we’re going to recap the bands we missed from the recently released torrent.  There’s a couple of “v” bands that will be noticeably absent for those of you that listen to the NYC blogosphere.  We just feel that if you’re going to criticize bands for their inability to write songs, you better be able to deliver the goods.  Just sayin…

Violens- The next great New York band.  The variety of bands name checked by critics trying to describe their sound is incredible.  I can’t resist the temptation and would say that on record they sound like the spawn of an Interpol and The Smiths pregnancy.  Dark, yet beautiful, staggard but poppy on record.  Swervedriver-dirge live with a twist of Wedding Present melody.  When you name check bands this great, you hope that you convey the potential for greatness this band has.

Viva Voce- As a two-piece, this Portland band melded beautiful melodies with epic soundscapes.  Like An Horse, they had the ability to make a female guitar/vocalist and a male drummer fill a large space and make it seem effortless.  This will mark the first tour for Viva Voce as a four-piece and your safe on assuming that you’ll need to find yourself on firm ground when this new line-up debuts.  Expect the walls to crack, bottles to break.  If you’re a film student or an emerging band,  you need to watch this video and never complain about needing a big budget to make something engaging.

Voxtrot- Indie pop from Austin, Texas.  SXSW goes out of it’s way to give Texas bands an opportunity to get showcased.  Essentially, if you can’t make it in Texas then it’s time to pack it in.  Having said that, it’s led to the development of solid “scene” in the state.  I would argue that Texas may be producing more good bands than any other state with the possible exception of California.


~ by toddc2001 on March 4, 2009.

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