Jon Stewart is still a genius

I was going to take a little time-out from music (don’t worry, another SXSW update is coming today!) and write an article about the financial analysts who appear on CNBC, Fox, and others.  Thanks for saving me some time, Jon!

The average age of these “experts” seems to be 45+ and they are absolutely unable to make the change which has been caused by our rapidly changing economy.  Investing in banks, tech and defense industry stocks is a dead option.  These guys admit to being staunch Republicans, which we won’t hold against them (much).  It’s fine to have a political grudge against the current president, but you can’t let it affect you job.  If these guys had an ounce of credibility, that would have read the stimulus bill and the new budget.  In fact, they should have memorized it and be able to tell you the details of any page within those documents.  For those documents hold the blueprint for the attempt to remodel our economy.  The crux of these documents isn’t a bailout of the auto industry or the financial institutions.  It’s an explanation for to literaly rebuild the infrastructure of our country.  Any financial expert with an ounce of intelligence and credibility would be reporting on the companies and industries that will benefit from receiving billions of dollars in financing to facilitate these projects.  That’s where people should be investing their money.  As long as these experts continue to trod along like the dying dinosaurs they are, the stock market will continue to fall, investors will miss out on the opportunity of the millenium and our economy won’t receive the added stimulus it would get from investment dollars in our infrastructure from Wall Street investors.  Thanks to Mr. Santelli from continuing the dumbing of America.


~ by toddc2001 on March 6, 2009.

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