SXSW Preview- Pt. 15: W thru Z!

The Warlocks- Two drummers, four guitars and connections to Beck and Sonic Boom.  Lots of bands claim Velvet Underground influences (is there a band in existence that wasn’t influenced in some way?), but The Warlocks might be as close as we can get without Lou actually jumping on stage.  Dean Wareham should have sounded this good….

Wavves-Did I say I wasn’t excited about the “W’s”?  Nathan Williams from San Diego is “Wavves”.  Vampire Weekend and the roster of “the cool kids blogs” seem to be taking later period Talking Heads and trying to fashion it for a new generationg.  Packaging it in cardigan sweaters and that T-Heads quirky musical style, they’ve got people convinced that this is exciting and new.  99% of it is just boring (VW), quirky without substance (Passion Pit) or just plain, bad.  Don’t worry Mr. Williams, I’m not talking about you.  Wavves gets the concepts that T-Heads were working on, but doesn’t depend on it.  Exciting, vibrant and “punk” in the same way that Remain In Light challenged listeners.  This is the sound of the new millenium.

Great performance.  Sorry about the sound quality on the vocals.

Wax Fang-  Just watch this 9 1/2 minute clip of WF live.  Then start figuring out which of their shows you’re going to attend.  Your welcom.

We Were Promised Jetpacks-  Wanna see what a band looks like, right before they are anointed the title of “Next Big Thing”?  Watch this video of a Scottish band without a record and prepare to be charmed.  We were hooked in by their brilliant band name and then feel in love with the passion of young, frenetic, pop bliss.  Great singers frequently want to impress you with their range.  The best are the one’s that use that ability subtly.   Add guitars, bass and drums that are dense and complicated without being…overdone.  Find them on myspace and listen to everything they’ve written:  Now and forever.

White Lies- If you don’t know who they are, you haven’t been reading this website.  See them at SXSW just so that you can look for Ian McCullough standing in the corner, crying.  The…best…band…playing…SXSW.

Winterpills- If Nick Drake’s- Pink Moon has ever been in high rotation, then you need to listen to Winterpills.  One of those bands that you just know is going to be great live.

The Woggles- Can someone explain why The Hives get more publicity than this band?


Thus concludes our first pass through the line-up.  Starting next week, we’l review some bands we missed the first time, print some interviews we’ve done with some of the bands and give you our final list of the top 20 “must-see” bands.


~ by toddc2001 on March 6, 2009.

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