TDOA v. those with thin skin

Someday I’ll tell you the name of the aging/legendary rocker who agreed to do an interview with us.  Then he read an article we wrote in which we described his bands’ first few albums as “crucial” and “definitive” for a genre….and how they haven’t made a good record in decades.  Oops.

Most of the blogs I see suck up to every band in sight and never say a desparaging word about anyone.  George Bush attacks were about as daring as anyone ever got.  Making fun of No Doubt, doesn’t count.  From day one, I pledged to praise those that made quality music and torment those that tried to “dumb” the masses.

There are some bands that have a place in history, that we’d love to talk to.  I used to love a goth band called the March Violets (call it a guilty pleasure).  I was researching them last night and saw they did a reunion show in December of last year.  My stomach turned and I felt sorry for them.  Does it mean I wouldn’t interview them in a heartbeat?  Nope.  Would people seek out their older records after I wrote up an interview that praised their early work and explained how they helped influence the Nine Inch Nails of the world?  More than they would if we didn’t run an interview at all.

So….my little grandfatherly figure, if you’re reading this now while still seething, keep in mind what Andy Warhol said: “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.  The only bad publicity is no publicity.” ….and I still love ya.


~ by toddc2001 on March 15, 2009.

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