The tragic death of …..good taste

Tragically, Kathryn Hess has died due to injuries sustained during a ski accident on Friday.  A search of the internet finds one- 100 word article explaining how Ms. Hess was a member of a ski patrol in Colorado.  She sufferred a fall while on patrol and died.

Ms. Hess’ friends will not be rushing onto Larry King Live, TMZ or all the other ghoul shows to profess their grief.  People Magazine will not run a cover story on her next week.  We will not see pictures of her funeral plastered on the internet for the next week.

I did not know Kathryn Hess.  Yet, her death is no less relevant or tragic.  It’s just another symptom of a sick and dumb society that loves to discuss the death, illness and domestic abuse of famous people.


~ by toddc2001 on March 19, 2009.

One Response to “The tragic death of …..good taste”

  1. Natasha Richardson not Miranda

    I agree, it is tragic that both died in similar ways and one will be memorialized like royalty and the other a few sentences in the local news.

    Unfortunately I see deaths like this often in my line of work.

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