Chavez v. Chavez

Venezuelan President Cesar Chavez referred to President Obama as a “poor ignoramus” during a television appearance on Sunday (via Reuters).

Chavez didn’t think Bush was very smart either.

Matador recording artists, Chavez were a criminally ignored band who released two albums in the mid-90’s.  While their music was sometimes referred to as “math rock” due to it’s complex rhythms, it had a pop value that should have made it accessible to the average Smashing Pumpkins fans.  This poppiness was augmented with complex rhythm/vocal interplay and novel, sometimes uncomfortable guitar sounds.  They never said anything bad about George Bush or Barack Obama.

Cesar Chavez is a source of endless humor by providing ignorant and outrageous anti-American statements.  Chavez was a source of great music that challenged conventional music theory and rewarded listeners who did the “work” to enjoy their music.  Both must be studied to be fully appreciated.  Don’t ignore either.

By the way, does the Republican talking point comparing Chavez and Obama lose a little credibility after this?  Or will Rush Hannity Beck tell us this is just a ruse to throw us off the trail?


~ by toddc2001 on March 23, 2009.

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