You betcha, that’s a big cloud of ash!


Someone call Bobby Jindal.  The Louisiana Governor who proclaimed volcano monitoring a “waste of taxpayers money”, might want to speak with Ms. “I can see Russia from my bedroom window” Palin.

Alaska’s Mt. Redoubt volcano erupted five times overnight, spewing smoke and ash 50,000 feet in the air.  Stories from Alaska indicate that Ms. Palin really can see the volcanic activity from her home.  Not to mention the ash that has been raining down for a 50 mile radius.

In 1991, Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted with NASA reports stong winds preading the aerosol particles from the plume around the globe. The result was a measurable cooling of the Earth’s surface for a period of almost two years.  I can hear George Bush now, “See, I told you we didn’t need to worry about global warming!”

Despite the Republican talking point, this is a significant ecological event.  It will effect vegetation and animals in the immediate area (which would be Alaska) and have a more subtle effect on the rest of the planet.  The lack of existing programs to cope with the calamity and to measure its effect is even greater than what would happen if say…..a large hurricane hit a coastal town in the Gulf of Mexico.   Not that something like that would happen…  These Democrats and their hand-wringing….

Ash is the primary concern in this situation.  Ash was also a great band that are worth listening to instead of listening to the hundreds of interviews that Sarah Palin’s going to give in the next week.  Sarah Palin will position herself to have a much faster response to this event than Bush did to Katrina.  She will talk about how this experience dealing with a massive disaster proves her worth as an administrator.  Of course, she’s only going to get what the White House gives her.  You can rest assured that the folks in Obama’s administration recognize the parallel to Katrina and are going to be all over this.  Palin will take the credit.

Here’s Ash doing Burn Baby Burn.  Enjoy!


~ by toddc2001 on March 23, 2009.

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