Your new favorite tv show

True confession: I liked the O.C..  I liked everything about it: the music, the cheesy acting, the cheesy story lines, did I mention the music?  The thing is, while there weren’t future Oscar winners in the show, they were perfectly effective for what the show was.  The pacing of the show and the music made it thoroughly entertaining.

I also like Gossip Girl.  Same reasons.  Rather than go for the top 40 hit d’jour, these shows took little known bands and used their songs effectively.  It made it edgy, yet fun at the same time.  I would argue that the O.C. started the trend of using small bands to move the message long before Apple and every other company started doing it via commercials.

So….this means that Josh Schwartz (who created both shows and Chuck) is our hero.  We pace the halls at night waiting for him to call us and ask our opinion on what bands to use in his next shows’. (I’d go “Slow Burning Crimes” by East Hundred.  I can see Lonely Boy walking down the street after his latest break-up with this as the soundtrack.  I’ll give you that one for free Josh.)

When I heard that Josh Schwartz had created a webisode series, I was intrigued.  Once I watched it, I was in love.  The show, Rockville, CA is set in a club and it’s characters are obsessed with music.  I likey.  Here’s whatcha get:

1)Episodes that average 5 minutes.  Easy, quick and entertaining.

2) The usual Schwartz wit.  The opening of the first show includes a rant on how fickle blogs are and how bands rise and fall in a heartbeat.

3) Great.  Music.  You’ll be scrambling to identify the background songs and because of the premise of the show, you get love bands.  Who? Among many, are TDOA favorites: The Kooks, The Duke Spirit, White Lies, Passion Pit, Kaiser Chiefs…..did you leave yet?  Are you watching it yet?  What are you waiting for?


~ by toddc2001 on March 25, 2009.

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