The tracks of my tears and the cause of my unending headache

American Idol artists lip-synch?! ah mah gawd.  I would have never guessed.  New York Times article quotes a guy named Justin (I have no idea who this is and I don’t care) who used to be on the show and stands in line at soup kitchens now (ok, I made that up) saying as much.  American Idol representatives put down their copies of Tiger Beat and Highlights for Kids long enough to respond with a well thought out, “like, no way!”.   NYT reporters dug deeper into the story (undoubtedly shortly before jumping off a cliff.  “Sorry John, the conflict in Mexico is pretty well covered.  But we do need someone to get to the bottom of the American Idol scandal.”)and then showed video of AI singers (sic) singing while their microphones were at their sides, pointed at the ground, to AI producers.  At this point, American Idol released a statement essentially saying, “well, like….it’s really hard to…like… sing and dance at the same time when people in the crowd are yelling and stuff.  Seriously, we were on an elevator once and there was um….elevator music playing and we were like, oh my god, how am I supposed to press the button for the floor I want to go to with this music playing?  So how can you expect them to sing and dance at the same time?  It’s not like they’ve done that before or will have to do it if they win!”

All of this comes after the “leak” that the whole thing is rigged and the final four have been pre-determined: Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Adam Lambert and Alexis Grace. Spoiler Alert!  Oh wait, I was supposed to put that before the names wasn’t I?  oops. This is being denied too, but if you’ll recall the final 12 was leaked a month before the show aired and was dead on.  It doesn’t take rocket science to see that the show’s on it’s last legs and they can’t let my constant voting for Sanjiyah/Megan Joy ruin the show again this year.

Somebody shoot me.  This show is dragging the American IQ down at an ever increasing rate.  People.  Still.  Buy.  Into.  This.


~ by toddc2001 on March 26, 2009.

One Response to “The tracks of my tears and the cause of my unending headache”

  1. Why is it the cause of your unending headache when you neither care for the show nor watch it. Were you told of the article or are you just messing with us AI fans? And I also think the top 4 that will be remaining are Danny Gorky, Adam Lambert, Anoop Deasai and Allison Iraheta.

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