They’ve got us surrounded

Continuing the theme of our previous post…

We’ve been on board for The Boxer Rebellion for a couple of years now.  In January we documented their ascension to the top of the ITunes charts in America and England without having a record deal.  Since then, the “cool kids” haven’t made a single mention of the band.  Hmm, no label support/ no mention on the hip blogs….I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

Nontheless, the band continues to amaze.  The Apple store in London hosted a session with them in March.  It was the first appearance by an unsigned band at the Apple store.  Apple was thrilled enough with the performance to release it as a 9-song album.  That’s right, TBR already have a live album and you still don’t have their picture pasted to your wall.  Shame on you.

The album is a great mix of the first two records and proves that their brilliance isn’t a studio trick.  Not sense the first time I saw The Verve tour with A Storm In Heaven, have I seen a band take their blissed-out genius out of the studio and drive it on the road with such emotion.  Concurrently, they’ve posted their M Session for all to see and we’ve got it here:

And now it’s time to pull out our Ouija board and predict what’s going to happen in the next seven days.  The band is playing three dates in the U.S. next week; April 21st at The Troubador in L.A. and April 23-24 at the Mercury Lounge in NYC.  Magic Ouija board says the “cool kids” will stumble into these shows, be blown away by the band and spend the rest of the week telling us about this cool band they’re here to tell you about.

If you live within a 100 mile radius of these two towns, do yourself a favor and get to these shows.  You’ll be able to tell people you saw this amazing band at a small club, long before they were on the cover of…..Rolling Stone.

You can purchase the live LP here:

To purchase tickets go here:


~ by toddc2001 on April 17, 2009.

One Response to “They’ve got us surrounded”

  1. great write up and extrdordinary video…I am so exited to go to their NYC show on 4/23. When I saw they were cocming to the US I knew I had to go. great band who is very deserving of a record deal.

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