Taking the shrink wrap off….

When we first started this little journey, we were months away from the most recent, most important election of our lives. Determined to keep America from blowing it again, we attacked the right wing with a passion. We hoped that our little voice might point out the….dumbing of America that was being perpetrated by the Republican party. With Obama’s victory, we began focusing on the celebration of great music while recognizing the hidden enemy. Bad music has and will continue to dumb down Americans.

Today, begins a new chapter for TDOA. We’ve begun to make the obvious aesthetic changes (likey?) which include ditching our old logo and replacing it with a collage of bands, musicians and writers we’ve interviewed. Consider it our own autographed bathroom stall, documenting the greatness that we’ve witnessed. Beyond the aesthetic changes, comes a decision to embrace our love of music and agree that it’s time to admit that politics is going on the back burner. When particularly egregious acts of political stupidity pop up, we’ll jump on it like the jackals that we are. But for the most part, it’s music. This is what we like to call a slow rollout of the new site. Please feel free to comment.

One of the new features here will be record reviews. We used to love those days when we’d go to our favorite record store and find out that the new releases had come in. Nowadays, most sites will give you a list of every album that comes out each Tuesday. We know that time is precious and that you have great taste in music. So, starting this week in anticipation of the launch of our new site, we’re starting a new feature in which we’ll list our recommended purchases. Some weeks there may be a dozen, some weeks….zilch. Rest assured that you’ll only see as many as we think should legitimately be here.

In 2009, we have entered a wonderful time in music. We can honestly say that there are more exciting bands and new releases that have come out this year, than in the past 30 years. If you’ve been on the sidelines, it’s time to get back out there. If you’re just cutting your teeth on this stuff, you’re going to be able to brag a decade from now.

Without further ado, here’s this weeks’ recommendations.

Great Northern: Remind Me Where The Light Is

Nothing better than a band that defies description.

Great Northern- Story

Strangely, there isn’t a video for a single from the album yet. Instead, the band did previews for the past six months counting down til today’s release. They make a fun youtube timekiller, if you’re interested. We picked our fave here:

Crocodiles: Summer of Hate

Our love of the Crocs has been well documented. The revival of the Mary Chain/Anglo wall of sound has been one of the great developments of 2009. One of a zillion great Southern California bands that have popped up. Not sure what’s going on there, but if you live in the LA/San Diego area you better be hitting the live shows every night. There’s a lot of good stuff there.

Crocodiles- Refuse Angels


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