Austin is the greatest city in the world


We knew they had great bands (Ringo Deathstarr, Pink Nasty and more).  We knew they hosted the greatest music festival in America (sorry, CMJ).  Now they roll out the greatest festival of the summer.  Remember when Rolling Stone and Spin used to bow at the feet of Seattle?  Why aren’t they doing monthly, “What are you doing now, Austin?” columns?

With the announcement of the Austin City Limits lineup, we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of our “picks to click”.

Starting from the bottom of the line-up:

The Henry Clay People: Pavement for those that don’t know better

Alberta Cross: The greatest band that the cool kids don’t write about. Why this band isn’t the biggest band in the world right now, escapes me. Imagine the lovechild of The Verve and The Black Crowes. Strange but true.

Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3: If you’re not already familiar with The Soft Boys, Fegmania and the greatness of Robyn Hitchcock, it’s not too late. Yeah kid, he’s older than you. He’s smarter too.

David Garza: Such a great voice. Anytime you’re compared to Jeff Buckley, Donovan and Robert Plant, you must be doing something right. BTW, another musician from Austin…

The Raveonettes: Another horribly under-rated band (I’m sensing a theme). One of the first to start this Mary Chain revival a few years ago. They continue to make great music and provide a terrific live show.

The Virgins: Their label seems to have forced some sort of obnoxious image change (their Jimmy Fallon appearance still causes me nightmares). I’m sticking with Virgins circa 2008, when we put their debut album in our top ten. Still touring with the same album, just close your eyes and enjoy.

The Walkmen: Are The Walkmen the best band in the world? They’d be in our top ten for sure. Here’s two videos that make the case. An incendiary performance of The Rat on Letterman and an homage to the 1922 version of Nosferatu in the video for their newest single. And yes, you have to go rent the original Nosferatu today. Part of that whole “dumbing of america” thing….

Dan Auerbach: Black Keys vocalist and guitarist brings the blues.

White Lies: We’ve written them up a bunch of times now.  Probably your last chance to see them before the inevitable sophomore slump.

The Airborne Toxic Event:

Bon Iver

Arctic Monkeys

…greatest drum line since Over The Wall.  Right, Erik?

Lily Allen- Hello guilty pleasure, my name is The Dumbing of America.  Please don’t tell anyone that I talked to you.  It might ruin my indie cred.  Oops.

Sonic Youth: Do they still have it?  Check this out.

Beastie Boys: Here’s hoping for a Max Tannone appearance….

Pearl Jam: I used to hate Pearl Jam.  At a time when Nirvana and Soundgarden defined grunge, Pearl Jam were the copycats that could never have the integrity of my favorite Sub Pop bands.  I vividly remember the first time I heard “Spin The Black Circle” and realized that I’d gotten it all wrong.  While Nirvana imploded and left behind the bloated rock visage (also known as Foo Fighters) that they’d mocked and Sound Garden left behind a very embarassing Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam just got better.  Their integrity is unquestionable and there may not be another band still capable of writing a great rock anthem like they do.

More great news: No problem finding time for bathroom breaks, as there are also sets by:

Dave Matthews- Who’s been riding the fame of an album released over ten years ago.)

The Dead Weather- Love The Kills. Love The White Stripes. Loathe The Dead Weather.

The B-52’s- Who ceased to be relevant two months after the release of their first album.

Flogging Molly- Can I?

Passion Pit- Ironically named band, who show no passion during songwriting or performing.


~ by toddc2001 on April 29, 2009.

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