Fresh Fish!

Here’s our picks for the best releases of this week:

St. Vincent- Actor (Order via Barnes & Noble)- If Kate Bush spent too much time with Bjork….but in a good way.

Gallows- Grey Britain (Order via Barnes & Noble or ITunes) rawr rawr rawr.  Nice guys who like to hit their head against walls.  Undoubtedly need your money for doctors bills.

Mika Miko- We Be Xuxa- (Order via Barnes & Noble)- Yet another great So Cal band!  When we interviewed No Age, Randy couldn’t stop taling about this band.  Highly recommend you follow the Barnes & Noble link so you can listen to a streaming version of the album.

Tara Jane O’Neil- A Ways Away- (Order via Barnes & Noble) The early favorite for our best album of May.  Tara used to play band with Rodan (hello indie cred!) and has made a string of beautiful solo records.  Truly one of the most underappreciated artists of this decade.  This is her first album since 2004.

Here’s a video from a few years ago.


~ by toddc2001 on May 5, 2009.

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