Fresh Fish

A quick glance at the list of new releases ranked by most pre-orders, tells you why a website called The Dumbing of America exists:

Eminem, Eric Clapton, Tori Amos, Kenny Chesney, Iron & Wine…..wait, Iron & Wine?!  Hallejuah, maybe there’s hope after all!

Iron & Wine: Around The Well: A collection of out of print or unreleased tracks and sure to sit in your Ipod while sitting on the beach this summer.

Jason Lytle- Yours Truly, The Commander: Former Grandaddy lead singer and mastermind releases a great (yes, great) collection of songs that stick to the style we’ve come to know and love.  Certainly a possibility to make my top ten of the year.

Superchunk- Leaves In The Gutter: Only an EP, but it’s Superchunk so you need to buy it.  We posted one song from this in “The Library” last week.  Now go buy it.

The Warlocks- The Mirror Explodes: Remember those days of getting stoned and listening to Spiritualized all day?  Me neither, but this white light, white heat from Australia might jar a few brain cells back to life.

Drop Nineteens (whom call “Nineteens”- Delaware: I don’t usually mention reissues, but this one will fly under most people’s radar.  Great U.S. band who were equal parts shoegaze and Pixies.  Also contains the greatest Barry Manilow cover ever.

Oh yeah, Passion Pit released a new album (zzzz).  The cool kids have already put it on their top 10 of 2009 without listening to it.  Guaranteed.

In other news:

I’ve always had a love/hate thing with The Libertines.  They were never the “second coming of The Clash” that they were initially touted to be.  Nonetheless, they (and Babyshambles) had a few great songs, so a reunion is pretty interesting to me.  Someone at NME taped the show from the side of the stage.  Why couldn’t they get a better angle?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

shhh…Radiohead started recording a new album. Please be quiet so they can focus.

NME lists their ‘10 tracks you have to hear this week‘…Note to NME: obvs most of this is the typical crap that you usually like.  The Veronicas- Untouched might be the worst song I’ve heard since Men Without Hats- The Safety Dance.  (your welcome.  don’t twit me when you’re still humming that this evening…).  But ‘William” by LoveLikeFire?!  Isn’t that just East Hundred with more tambourines and less skill?  Ok song, but am I to assume that their mile-long media  and legal “team” (as listed on their myspace page.  See that section on the left…keep scrolling down.  No that’s not all, keep going.  Wow!) would have advised them to focus on putting in a reasonable chorus and not worry about the fancy MySpace layout…  Try listening to the EH album.  That’s they way to do it.

In conclusion, I’m deeply troubled that Karl Rovehas begun following us on Twitter.  Perhaps he wants to see if we’re still printing articles like this.  I assume it has more to do with our love of Rachel Maddow and less to do with his fondness for indie rock….


~ by toddc2001 on May 18, 2009.

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