Your New Favorite Band: Gliss

We try.  We scour the internets.  We listen to everything that’s sent to us, including every lame, MySpace, ‘will you be my friend even though we’re a Journey cover band?’.  And yet…..sometimes a band slips through the cracks.  Thanks goodness for our readers, one of whom suggested our new fave: Gliss.  Their recently released, ‘Devotion Implosion’ has been in heavy rotation here since they were recommended.  Thankfully, they’re one of the few bands we’ve run across that actually seems to ‘get’ the internet, so it’s easy to find, listen, watch and tweet them.  Live, they switch instruments enough to make Yo La Tengo’s head spin.  On record, they make you swoon while your ears bleed from the beautiful wall of fuzz.  Buckle up, sit back and turn this one up to 11.

TDOA: What’s the band up to now that the new album has been released?  I assume you’ll be on the road for a while, but  will we see any singles with some new b-sides, videos, etc?

Victoria: Right now we are in the middle of our US tour. We will be back home some time in June. Then we are off for about 2 weeks, then we go back over to the UK, which I am looking forward too very much. We put out 2 b-sides on iTunes already. It’s considered “bonus tracks” when you buy the Deluxe version of Devotion Implosion. The video for “morning Light” is done, you can see it on Youtube, if you don’t watch TV. (Youtube is where I watch videos)

We will have at least 1 more video this summer. And we are working on a few other things, I think we will be recording some of the new songs acoustically and I am also working on a video for Sister Sister. But as I mentioned earlier, if it’s too out there,  you might never see it, haha…

TDOA: You directed the video for Kiss The Blvd which I really liked!  Did you do the Halfway Gone video too?  Please tell us about your background in film.  Are their plans to do videos for the new album and will you be directing again?

Victoria: Thank you Todd. I will definitely be directing again. I don’t have a proper background in film, I am self taught. I have always had lots of ideas for videos and film in general, so I am very fortunate to be able to make videos for the band, whenever I feel like it. The guys just have to approve it first, some of my ideas were a bit too out there for them. So they stay on my hard drive 🙂

TDOA: Gareth Jones has done some work with a great variety of acts.  Since he was just mixing, did he provide the type of influence that you might find had he produced or engineered the record?

Victoria: Gareth mixed the record.  It was such an honor to get to work with him. I hope we will be able to record with him in the future.

TDOA: As I understand it, Cordless is owned by Ryko, which is owned by WEA.  Do you get the support of being associated with a major or is the distance allowing you to operate as an indie?

Victoria: At this point I don’t even think Cordless exists anymore, so we work with all the Ryko people. I know it’s owned by WEA, so it’s a pretty cool situation. We get great support from our label, and at the same time they really operate as an indie when they deal with us. They take the time to sit down and talk to us and always listen to our ideas. It’s a very good relationship.

TDOA: Who’s behind getting the band “out there” on the internet and what motivated you to market the band that way?

Victoria: We have been using the internet for years. It was the only way we could afford to market ourselves before we got signed. If you just do a little bit of research you can make a good impact. I used to have a day job, and my old boss was so into internet marketing, so I figured I would treat the band as he treated his business. So I picked up a few internet marketing books, and of course picked up a bunch of tips from him. It seemed to work.

For the basic fun stuff, we use Facebook and Twitter everyday.

TDOA: How do you see the band moving forward with the internet as a tool?

Victoria: It’s just a great way to communicate with fans. And again, it’s free. ( and fast )

TDOA: How do you feel about illegal downloading of music?

Victoria: I do not have a problem with it. I don’t mind when people at our shows tell me they downloaded our album for free. Most people that do it, are people who did not know us to begin with.,  They just wanted to check us out. But they dig the music and when we play in their town they show up. So it kind of works out.

TDOA: Editors are a great example of a band who’s rise has been meteoric. Frequently these bands plummet just as quickly.  Do you find yourselves discussing career strategy with any of the bands you’ve toured with?  I would think Billy Corgan would have quite a few stories if he took the time to talk to you…

Victoria: Billy has always been cool and has taken time to hang out and talk. You can discuss your career strategy as much as you want, but reality does not always mirror your plans.

TDOA: I grew up during the Jesus & Mary Chain and their ilk’s heydey.  It’s such a joy to see this era being revived by bands like yourself.  Am I correct in guessing that those late-80’s bands provided Gliss with inspiration?

Victoria: I think our biggest influence is The Velvet Underground. None of us listened to JAMC until recently. On this album we get a lot of comparisons to JAMC and My Bloody Valentine, so we got curious and checked them out.  And I like it !

For more information about Gliss visit their website:

MySpace page:

Follow them on Twitter:

or just head right over to Barnes & Noble and buy the album:

You can also see Gliss on tour at your favorite watering hole throughout the U.S.A.


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