The Best Book Review Ever….

Best Book Review Ever

Even Dick Cheney thinks that the government should bailout Detroit.  Ok, now I’m convinced we should just let them go bankrupt.  Thanks for helping me resolve that inner conflict Dick! (via Politco)

Teenager misses curfew and calls mom from…Somalia!  He is so grounded when he gets home.

Yesterday, Bush repealed an important section of the Endangered Species Act.  It repealed the section that requires scientific studies be done to assess the environmental impact of any federal projects.  The repeal will allow for oil drilling to begin in a polar bear habitat in Alaska among other things.  As Keith Olberman commented, sometimes it seems as if George Bush got elected and said “What can I do to completely destroy the United States?”. (courtesy L.A. Times)


~ by toddc2001 on December 13, 2008.

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